What is Alchemy?

What is Alchemy?
Spiritual Alchemy is a practical understanding of the principles of the transformation of density and darkness into light.
In studying alchemy we reconnect with the fundamental spiritual realities in the universe.
Alchemy dissolves outmoded and sterile constructions and allows activation of new and enlivened paradigms. Alchemy understands the role of consciousness and love to bring about the quickening through the perfection of aligning realities with a much greater and grander cosmos, i.e. the “Great Work”.
Every one of us participates in alchemy, whether consciously, through the intentional transformation and manifesting of one’s higher nature, or through the chaos and suffering of life experience that lead to increased awareness of the alchemical principles at work in the world.
5571d629ebb43We are right now in the crucible of alchemical perfecting.
Rather than the end-time apocryphal apocalyptic catastrophic meme, this intensity is one of cosmic opportunity to refine and perfect our very being.
There is a simple way to come into the crucible for this Great Work. Allow your self to fall into the vertical sense of gravity, both at rest and in dynamic participation. This vertical sense automatically aligns you with the cosmos, for it is the radiant pull of the planet. Gaia is also in this moment of alchemical perfecting, and allowing our being to be in alignment with her will carry us into universal glory.
The story unrolled in the scroll from the Book of Revelation is a story of panic unleashed. We are shown this particular story for this is where our work of transformation needs to be applied.
All fear is, at bottom, fear of Intensity. Intensity held in and flowing through the alchemical crucible of the Self as Source leads toward Ultimate Alignment, Ultimate Unity, Ultimate Peace, Ultimate Love. This is the Philosopher’s Stone that is rock solid in the vastness of everything.
Once again I co-opt the words of Martin Luther King, Jr.
The arc of a perfecting universe is long, but it bends towards Love. 
The arc of a perfecting universe is long, but it bends towards Unity. 
The arc of a perfecting universe is long, but it bends towards Peace. 


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