Alchemy of the Apocalypse Practicum

emerald_tableIn supportive conversation with a friend yesterday I was surprised and pleased to find the practical use of the Alchemy of the Apocalypse principles in action.

She was struggling with wanting to know the right direction to take in a relationship that was troubling her. In the face of the intensity of her feelings, instead of being able to drop into the crucible of her being and allow the energetic pulse of her primal self circulate and cleanse her own field, she was succumbing to the panicked release of the four horsemen, trying to pin down (1st horseman) a decision (from “de-cide” meaning to annihilate the alternatives: 2nd horseman), weigh her options (3rd horseman) and determine if she is crazy or worthy at bottom (4th horseman). This sequence is not unfamiliar, I’m sure, to many of us.

How do we apply alchemy in this situation, rather than being seduced and co-opted by these thundering hooves? It is not that easy a task, dear friends, when we have been entrained by our immature social systems that we have to be right, to be clear, to be strong at all times. These social demands have induced habits of hiding our vulnerable underbelly and only presenting shiny armor for public (and even private) view.

Alchemy demands a level of humility and presence to be in the un-diluted shadow and light long enough for all the deep spectra of gifts, the real gold, to reveal themselves and become available. 

How does alchemy accomplish this? There is a recognized alchemical sequence:

  1. By bringing the elements into a crucible, i.e. commit to bringing your “issue” back to your own self, your crucible of Self as Source.
  2. By allowing the fire of life-force to dissolve the encrusted beliefs and habits of holding everything together.
  3. By allowing the circulation of wet, fluid feeling to seep into all the cracks and bring everything up.
  4. By fearlessly viewing the suspended elements in the cleansed lens of light.
  5. By allowing perspective to make new connections and see new patterns.
  6. By opening to the blessings of the larger universe to imbue your process with love.
  7. By allowing time, intent and blessing to purify you.

Ultimately, to become the Philosopher’s Stone, the rock solid, incorruptible core of Truth, Beauty and Goodness that catalyzes the same in all it contacts.


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