2nd Crucible: The Self (w/video excerpts)

In the first gathering of the Crucible series, we were introduced to the functioning potential of the Crucible. The second evening initiated our Self investigation into the crucible.

There is an eternal question we incarnated humans hold of Who Am I? The answer to this eternal question cannot be nailed down as it is involved in a dynamic mystery, but from the Crucible vantage point we can study this from Here, Now. Who we are cannot really be known (from here), but where we are and how we are here is available and is, in fact, our contract for incarnation.

From within the Crucible we can see that we are the dynamic intersection point between the multidimensionality of the ALL with the interaction into this realm from Here. What is the experience of the universe from here? This is the gift of embodying in the harmonic subset of our incarnation. How do you/I/we respond to the various impressions of living that we go through? To what level do you/I/we engage or contract, and based on what internal or external assumptions? How willing are we to be in the presence of the unknown, that can open us to the larger mysteries?

Addressed in the videos below:

  • the need and worthiness to allow deep experience for spiritual growth
  • habitual limitation vs. the subset of harmonics
  • respecting and encouraging health of Self
  • being static vs. Ecstatic


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