Third Crucible: Crucible Geometry

The third Crucible event focused on the geometry of the Crucible and how it facilitates our intent, that of our alignment in the gate between this world and Ecstatic Omniverse. The omniverse is the omni-centric universe, where center is everywhere. All our senses shape our incarnation in conjunction with our engagement in time and space.

The shape of our crucible creates a toroidal flow of information that allows vertical alignment through our multidimensional Self that engages with our earthly embodiment. Within the toroidal flow is the conception, inception, perception and reception of our horizontal world. Conception conceives what is possible and has an alignment with the vertical, bringing in influences from the larger unknown. Inception sparks those concepts into seeding into this reality. Perception allows that seed to grow into the world we see. Reception reflects back to us the activity of the growth of the concept from our perceived world.

Dynamics of balance and imbalance can be clarified by understanding the potential geometries of consciousness, functions that are inherent in the Crucible. Balance points can be found in the dualistic, polarized assumptions we hold about the world we live in. Having found these balance points, we can then gain perspective and dance in their harmonic functioning. We can even transcend our involvement in these dualities by having access to the vertical alignment into larger perspectives. If we know how to find our aligned center then we can safely dance in harmonic rhythms of ecstasy.

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